Motivating Workers in a Job Hopping Culture

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August 15, 2014
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Motivating Workers in a Job Hopping Culture


The workforce norm for Millennials is job hopping. Their expected stay at a job is nearly half that of their older counterparts. There are a variety of reasons for this pattern included fast tracking advancement, greater work satisfaction, and the knowledge that, like their parents they could be laid off at any time. Hiring managers are beginning to see this as the new norm. Rather than seeing flakiness on hopper’s resume they see motivation and a broad skill set that can be used to their advantage. The question is, what can you do to get them to stay?

Here are eight ideas…

Work On a Long Term Plan

Find out where this person wants to be and what they want to do at each stage over the next five years. Nurture their plan to get there within your organization.

Mix it Up

Shake up the monotony with Happy Hours, an occasional 3pm burlap sack race, or popsicle party. Keep things interesting and let people unwind together.

Tradition Tradition Tradition

People also love fun traditions, and annual charity bake sale, Halloween trick or treat a thon or a holiday potluck. It’s something to look forward to and it feels festive.

Make People Count

An environment where people from every level feel free to share their ideas gets people thinking of ways to improve the company. It also creates a sense of pride and agency in their work.

Use People’s Strengths

Everyone has a strength or a talent. An opportunity to employ someone’s gift is good for the company and makes the person take pride in their special project.

Acknowledge Achievement

Create Flexibility

This can mean flex hours, the ability to work remotely, or just being allowed to bring their Chinese Crested dog to work on Fridays. This gives people a sense that they are being trusted and appreciated and can raise productivity.

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